“Nature’s Hair Food treatment is the best treatment for anyone wanting to grow their hair healthy. I have always been able to grow my hair but I have had problems with perms thinning out my hair and weak ends that would break off no matter what I did. But Nature’s Hair Food treatment has sealed my ends so that I am now able to grow my hair from the root without worrying about the condition of the tips of my hair. Ever since I came to A New Roman Era, my hair has flourished and I rarely need trimming.”


I am not a perm user so I have thick and long natural hair, I have been a customer of Ms. Angie since I was 12. I am now 16 and people automatically assume I have a perm and or a weave. So of course the next thing they do is touch my hair to verify! When my hair is washed it comes to the length of my ears, with using her products and once it is blown out my hair falls well past my shoulders! I am an avid basketball player and generally keep my hair in braids during the season so I absolutely look forward to my hair appointments and she makes me a very satisfied and pretty customer!

Kenyaita Hodge

To Whom It May Concern:
I have been a client at A New Roman Hair Salon in West Philadelphia since 2009. In early 2010, I suffered
from hair as a result of an allergic reaction to medication. Mrs. Angela Tyler recommended that I try her
natural hair treatment which I started getting almost immediately. This was the beginning of my
transition from permed hair to natural hair. I was a college student in Virginia during this time so I was
unable to have consistent appointments; mainly during school break. In 2012, I suffered from another
battle of hair loss while in graduate school and this time it was worse! I loss all of the hair in the back of
head. I had just enough hair to create a braided barrier around the outer edge of my hairline. Mrs.
Angela was able to provide me with a protective style and with Nature’s Hair Food as I had to return to
grad school. It was so embarrassed to wear my real hair without weave from that point on. I did what I
could to keep my hair healthy but I will admit I know nothing about hair. I started to see progress in the
growth of my hair but it was short lived. The stress of graduate school was impeding the progress. I
didn’t return to Philadelphia permanently until the end of 2014. It was at this point when I started to
coming to Mrs. Angela on a somewhat regular schedule. I would get a hair treatment every time I
scheduled an appointment. My hair started to growth in thicker but would break off just when we
thought we’d tackled the issue to my hair loss. Unfortunately, it was stress again working against me. In
2016, I finally went to a dermatologist but they had no clue to what was causing my hair loss. Now, after
seeing the progress I had with getting the hair treatment by Mrs. Angela I decided to continue our
regular appointments and committing to healthy ways of alleviating stress. Now in 2017, I can say that
my hair is back! The area where I once had no hair is now full of thick and lengthened healthy hair. I only
wear my natural hair out and I haven’t been this comfortable with my real hair in years! Between getting
the hair treatment and using Nature’s Hair Food my hair is nourished and it keeps getting better. I truly
believe that Mrs. Angela’s natural hair products have changed the course of my hair journey. Every time
I leave her salon I see new progress in the growth of my hair. I have also seen a dramatic improved on
the health of my scalp which went from a gray and dry complexion to being brown and supple. I am
amazed at what Mrs. Angela and Nature’s Hair Food did for me. I share my hair journey with others
because so many people suffer from hair loss in silence and it often goes undiagnosed. For me there was
a light at the end of the tunnel. Nature’s Hair Food has literally saved the life of my hair. Thank you Mrs.

Kenyaita Hodge

Lauren Taylor
  • My hair journey began at the age of nine years old. Doctor’s report that I suffered from a condition called seborrheic dermatitis and that there wasn’t a known cure. The doctors began to prescribe various medications, shampoos, oils, etc. to assist in the management of symptoms including dry scalp, dandruff, inflammation, and hair loss. My mother quickly realized that the products were expensive and highly ineffective. Instead of giving up and allowing my condition to worsen, my mother decided to try products that could be purchased in the neighborhood beauty supply store. Products such as Selsum Blue, Head and Shoulders, Blue Magic, Tee Tree Oil, etc. until I was old enough to receive hair care from a professional stylist.
  • At the age of 16 I decided go to the local beauty salon. There I decided to try hair relaxers, color, and deep condition treatments. Little did I know that my efforts to develop a healthy hair care routine only damaged my scalp and further aggravated the  seborrheic dermatitis. The inflammation, dandruff, dry scalp, and hair loss only worsened and resulted in limited hair growth. This routine continued for approximately seven years without progress or relief from the above mentioned symptoms. I was often unable to wear dark colored tops for fear of showing large amounts of dandruff on my shoulders and back whenever I turned my head or scratched my scalp.
  • At the age of 23 I became peg ant with my daughter and was told by my hair stylist that I could no longer receive relaxers due to the risk of chemical exposure to the fetus. At that point I decided to cut my hair to the root in order to transition into a natural approach.
  • Shortly after my pregnancy I met Ms. Angela Tyler, the CEO of Natures Hair Food. Ms. Tyler introduced me to the natural hair product that quickly changed my life. After receiving an initial treatment I immediately experienced the healing and restorative results that she promised. My symptoms faded, hair began to grow, and I was no longer worried about the uncontrollable dandruff that burdened me for most of my life.
  • I am truly grateful for Ms. Tyler’s Natures Fair Food products. Today I can feel confident in my appearance and proud to say that my condition is managed by a natural hair product that promotes healthy hair/scalp, moisture, body, and shine.

I was looking for a hair salon that will not only style my hair but care for it as well. I have been a customer of New Roman Era for over 10 years now and could never be more pleased with my hair. I have natural hair now but did the perms years ago and did not like how it changed the texture of my hair. When I began going to Angie I was glad to find out she used and made her own natural hair products especially for natural hair. I have relatively long thick hair and her natural food product is able to help maintain a shiny, healthy texture and manageable without using harsh chemicals.
Since I have been her customer countless church members, friends, and co-workers have become customer as well because they see the care she puts in my hair.