Angela Tyler is a passionate haircare specialist who is committed to improving and repairing hair—one follicle at a time.

Angela noticed that chemicals were killing her client’s hair, as well as her own — causing constant breakage and very little growth. Disgusted by the effects, she set out to do something about it. Angela became a student of the anatomy of hair. She learned all she could about natural solutions that promoted hair growth, as well as the products and ingredients to avoid that ultimately cause damage to hair.

With over 25 years of experience in the haircare industry, Angela built her business on providing healthy, safe, natural products and services that improve hair and scalp restoration and maintenance. She prides herself on quality and customer-orientated business practices, and has devoted years of research into developing herbal-based products with high-quality ingredients.

Angela has invested the same genuine love and energy into her customers as she has into her family. Today, she owns and operates Natures Hair Food, as well as A New Roman Era, a hair salon in Philadelphia, PA.