Nature’s Hair Food (8oz)


Natures Hair Food helps to reconstruct, repair and maintain, healthy, shiny hair with its unique and effective formula. It will create the perfect environment for stronger hair, giving you healthier, beautiful hair…naturally.

HairFood Excel (Moisturizer)

Our HairFood Excel is a powerful salve penetrates dry, dull, brittle hair—providing hydration and key nutrients needed for manageability, softness, shine, and growth. Great for restoring and protecting heat damaged tresses, and strengthening follicles from root to tip.

  • Protein, mineral, and vitamin-rich blend of all natural, organic oils, plants, and extracts

  • No parabens, no drying alcohols, no harmful chemicals, or preservatives

  • Light-weight, easily absorbed into scalp and follicles

Ingredients: Wheat germ oil, coconut oil, lemon oil, fresh vegetables, lanolin

How to Use: Scoop a small amount between fingers, rub together and smooth on to scalp, and down tresses. Works best as a heat protectant prior to straightening and/or curling hair.


2oz, 8oz